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"Maximize yourself on the level you're at so the next level can pull you up."

Our story

Bishop Rodney X. Thompson, Sr. and his wife Pastor Cynthia M. Thompson have been pastoring for almost 20 years. They both have authentic flares that makes them unique and relatable. Nurturing a healthy body of believers by challenging God's people to expand their horizons through living out God's Word in their everyday lives. 

Before becoming a bishop and pastor, Elder Rodney X. Thompson was a natural, anointed shepherd. He was leading many people to attend his long distance church which caused his Bishop at the time to direct him to begin a church in his local area- St. Mary's County, Maryland and as a result in 2000 To Tell The Truth Ministries was created.

Our vision

We have a vision to function as a Total Man Ministry to reach hearts, restore and rebuild lives through the teaching of the Gospel.  

We desire to reach everyone at every level with the hope of bringing Glory to our Father God.

Our mission

To empower our community to overcome real life issues in every facet of their lives using their kingdom authority.

Reaching hearts by saving and restoring lives.

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